Sex Magic

March 19, 2017

Sex and sexuality play a large part in many religions. Myths are derived from sex based ancient myths. For instance, in the Dianic myth, Diana falls in love with her image and makes love to herself. From this, she gives birth to a son, and her brother Lucifer. Lucifer is her other half, and she falls in love with him, chasing him across the universe, pinning for him to make love to her. In Greek mythology, Gaia gives birth to the sea (Pontus) and the sky (Uranus). She achieves this parthenogenetically (without male intervention). Gaia took Uranus as her son and from him, she gave birth to the twelve titans, six males and six females. From them the Gods of Olympus took place there of the Greek mythology. Within many circles, the Great Rite is performed, either symbolically with an athame and a chalice, or actually between the High Priest and the High Priestess (or the initiate and High Priest/ess).

Sex can also be used to raise power within the circle/group. Power is raised so that it can be drawn upon anytime throughout the ritual to aid in the spells/ritual being performed. Sex between consenting adults, or solo masturbation can be used. Sex between two or more people needn’t be heterosexual, as homosexual sex can be just as powerful. For a woman, the time of menstruation is her most powerful time, and performing sex magic at this time will be more potent than at any other time. If you prefer not to be penetrated, mutual masturbation works just as well, as long as the orgasm is achieved. Alternatively, it can be performed during your most fertile, the height of ovulation. If your period is regular, 28 day cycle, then this would be around 2 weeks after the first day of your last period (or if you are in rhythm with the Moon’s cycles, then this should fall on the Full Moon – doubly as powerful!). But remember, this is also the time that pregnancy can also occur, so unless you do want to get pregnant, make sure that you use condoms.


If you are performing this by yourself, then maybe the best place for privacy and comfort would be your bedroom. Set up your circle around your bed, and place candles around the room. Make sure the room is nice and clean, and that you shower just before hand to keep you nice and clean and pure. Set up your altar in front of your bed, or even on your bed, facing the North (the place of fiery passion and of will). Place blankets and soft cushions around the room and on your bed, to make it as beautiful and as comfortable as possible. When you are ready, be dressed in your pyjamas, or even just skyclad/naked.

For couples (or groups), the living room would be best. The bedroom is not such a great idea, because you are most likely to end up in a love making session. Set up the altar in the North. Place a few cushions and blankets around on the floor (or use a chair if there isn’t any room). It would also be ideal that the floor was carpeted (can you image how cold and hard tiles would be?!). Have the circle marked out with candles, as this would make the setting much more nicer. Everyone will need to shower and be skyclad/naked or dressed in your robes (or, if you prefer, pyjamas!)

Joined Magic

Cast the circle, call the quarters and call up the Goddess and God (or your patron, or any particular God/Spirit that will aid you).

Solo: Get undressed and sit in front of your altar. Start thinking about why your are performing this magic for, and maintain the image of what you want to happen in your head throughout the ritual. Take your time and really see it clear in your head. Start to touch yourself and let yourself know how special and wonderful you are. Then begin to masturbate. For the ladies, it might by best to lie down at this stage. Take your time and slowly build up to the orgasm. Once you have orgasm, see the energy shoot through your heart and sacral charka, into the circle. See it humming and filling the circle with power. Now, you can either use that for performing the rest of the ritual, or direct it into an object such as an amulet, talisman, or candle.

Partners: Get undressed and set yourselves up in front of the altar. If you are using a chair, the male sits on the chair and the female can sit on top of him, facing him. Homosexual couples (and groups bigger than two) will benefit from sitting on the floor. As before, start thinking about why your are performing this magic for, and maintain the image of what you want to happen in your head throughout the ritual, taking the time to see it really clear in your head. Once you are ready, start to fondle each other and turn each other on. One thing to remember is to know that this is not a love making session, and try not to think of how horny you make each other feel (though that can help), but to think of the energy you are transmitting. For homosexuals, it may be easier to perform mutual masturbation. Also, try to reach climax at the same time. When you do, make sure you both think of the same end point, and that it gets transmitted out from your sacral and heart charkas into the circle. When orgasmic, you can also look into each others eyes for a ‘mirroring’ effect. When you have finished, continue on as before.

Blessings to All,

Mona Magick

Disclaimer: Although sex can be beautiful not to mention powerful, be mindful that taking ownership of your actions is important. Please discuss the more carnal topics such as contraception if the possibility of pregnancy is not mutual; and sexual health protection of not transmitting or receiving sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, make sure that if in a monogamous relationship you are prepared to deal with the perils of your partner finding out about your sexual liaison with someone other than he or she. If you are uncertain with the above issues involving raising power through sex then you may want to consider masturbation as an overall safer method. And remember sex should be between mature consensual adults. Sex Magic is not for everyone, and like anything – know your partner…in this case spiritually as well.

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